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Charlotte’s Go-To Corporate Security Service

Precise Protection is a local business that offers corporate and venue security to large corporations in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have armed and unarmed guards to ensure your safety at all times. We also do private investigations upon request.

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Some of our most notable clients include:

      • Corporate Security
      • Government Security
    • Entertainment Security 

What We Offer

For your convenience, we also provide venue security. No matter the location of your establishment or the number of people we need to monitor, we got you covered.

Additionally, you can book us to serve as your private investigators. We’re fully trained in the discreet, accurate, and comprehensive collection of sensitive information to address your particular needs.

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Get in Touch

To ask us a question about other matters or set an appointment with our team, simply fill out the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!


When your

Safety Is Paramount

If you’re looking for career opportunities within our company, feel free to send your resume to our business email address.

About Us

Precise Protection was established in 2009 by Dennis Gavin who had 25 years of experience working in law enforcement.

Our Services

At Precise Protection, we ensure the safety of our clients in Charlotte, North Carolina by providing exceptional corporate security services.

Client Testimonials

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Precise Protection for questions about how else we can help you.

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